tara tvardovsky
for as long as anyone can really remember, there's been the argument of nature versus nurture. it's something unavoidable, an inexcapable fact of life that at some point, it's going to come up. some people will argue that it the early losses in tara's life that set her on the path she would eventually go down, while others will say that it's because of her own unwillingness to open up to other children. but isn't a more accurate assessment that it's the one thing that will eventually impact the other? that to lose both one's mother, then father, at such a young age would leave them feeling sad and alone. eventually, that that loneliness and sorrow would grow into something worse, because the fact is that kids can be cruel. they'll talk in hused rumors and ask questions you can't answer, tease because you didn't sound like them, because you didn't talk like them. so you don't talk to them. you keep quiet, keep to yourself, keep your head down, try and go unnoticed. you find your friends in books, your lessons logic in numbers, and your amusement in the puzzles of everyday things. and it goes without saying that eventually, you'll just... stop. stop trying, stop trusting, stop caring.

but that's the thing about loneliness. loneliness begets anger and eventually, the anger gets the best of you. it was never tara's intention to be labeled the "problem child". she only started fights she knew she could finish, she only broke things she knew she could fix, it wasn't her fault that no one ever gave her the chance. she never wanted to be the one who was always sitting, waiting for someone to adopt her. hell, she never wanted to be an orphan, but life is a bitch that way.

by the time she was ten, she had already lived in dozens of different foster homes and been returned to the orphanage just as many times. enter alex and sasha melnyk-- a young, bright eyed couple that came waltzing into tara's life just when she'd finally started to think that maybe the powers that be had gotten the picture, that maybe they finally understood that she just wanted to be left alone. most families would get fed up with her attitude, or her penchant for fighting with her peers, or the fact that she had a tendency to try and fix things that weren't broken, but the melnyks were different. they didn't get mad. instead, they consoled her, and enrolled her in classes that would foster her skills and play to her curiosity. they taught her that she didn't have to fight with fists and weapons, that she was smarter than that, that she was better than that and soon, they gave her the most important gift of all: a home and the sense that she didn't need to be alone anymore. for the first time in nearly eleven years, tara tvardovsky felt like she might have had a chance at a normal life. (but if life has taught her anything, it's not to get her hopes up, so she accepts this fact with open arms, but with a wary heart.)

she's twelve when they move into a bigger house and buy a fluffy golden dog, and later that year is the first time she builds a computer in sasha's office from bits of scrap wire and old chipboards, the same year, she rebuilds the engine in her new-father's classic mustang. she's thirteen when the men in suits knock on the melnyk's front door (it's then that she realizes that she needs to be better about covering her tracks when she hacks into things she shouldn't be hacking in to) and by fourteen, she's finally starting to actually accept the fact that her life has finally started to turn around. she hasn't been in a fight in three and a half years, and hell, she's even made friends, though it's been hard, considering she's two years ahead of her class and smarter than everyone in her grade, but she's happy all the same and for the first time in as long as she can remember, she's looking forward to what's to come.

and so it goes and high school passes in a blur of classes and dances and extracurrliculars and summers spent in the ukraine and russia, learning even then about who she is and where she came from before all the tragedy. there's even been a boyfriend in the mix. (though she has to admit her parents were right when they'd said he was all wrong for her.) her senior year sneaks up on her and she's estatic when she's chosen to spend three months overseas, studying in china and even moreso when she's told she's recieved early admission to boston university. everything is falling into place. now all she has to figure out is what the hell she's going to do with the rest of her life.

of course college is a no brainer. she has a very specific skillset, after all. (she'll be the first to admit that she understands machines better than she understands people.) but that doesn't mean she's got that whole rest of her life thing down pat. still in all, she breezes through without a care in the world other than what test comes next, what odd job she'll work next before she gets bored of it, too or whether or not she'd get the scholarship she needs to be able to go to grad school.

she's only nineteen when she's accepted to MIT's engineering program, a proverbial wunderkind, and for the first time in her life, she's embarking, for her own best interest on her own, because she wants and needs to be that fiercly independant person that the melnyk's had helped her to become. it's strange, going to classes with people nearly a half a decade older than you and helping them when they struggle. there were many times when she wondered what made them choose the path they were on, what they wanted to do when it was all over. would they go on to gain a doctorate and change the world? would they be arrested by the feds for hacking into banks? would they build a robot that would go to space? the possibilities were limitless... and it made it that much harder for her to stop long enough to think about applying for jobs when graduation approached.

the worry is all swept out the window, however, one fateful day in the late winter of 2004, when a then twenty year old tara is approached by a man in a suit. (and of course, she has a flashback to when she was thirteen and immeidately begins explaining that she hasn't done that in years, that her code is more elegant now, that she's better at hiding her tracks...) but the man explains that she's done nothing wrong, that instead, the fbi wants her. it's a startling revelation. she expected to build game consoles or design machines for companies like bergman or cordon electronics, or maybe go work on the super collider or just wind up holed up in a tiny apartment, making a living of hacking into people's private lives. what she never once fathomed was becoming an analyst for the fbi's cyber security team. nevertheless, she doesn't skip a beat, accepting the job without so much as a second thought.

a year later, she finds herself behind a desk. it's routine, it's monotonous. it's not at all what she thought it would be and there's that little gnawing voice in the back of her head that seems to be whispering, you're better than this, you could be doing so much more. she's listened to it countless times, but those jobs hadn't mattered nearly as much. she didn't care about being a barista or that time she worked in the geek squad at best buy (that one had been hellish), but she did like this job. it had purpose, it gave her meaning and direction in a life that had been so chaotic. she just... wanted more. she wanted to be in the field. and so rather than quitting, she enrolled in the fbi academy field training to become an actual agent.

soon after she completes her training at quanitco, she moves through the ranks at an impressive rate. barely a year into her new position, she's recruited into the central intelligence agency. she's the perfect canidate: an orphan distant from the small handful of people in her life, she is unattached, cold, calculating and cunning. she's told she'll maintain her position with the fbi as a cover when she finds herself stationed in the states, that she'll be sent from washington dc to various other offices around the country and she embraces this new adventure with open arms. she spends the next seven years travelling around the world, here and there, on various jobs, finding herself in all corners, doing all sorts of things, some legal, some barely, some not at all. she can only justify her actons as doing the wrong things for the right reasons. she learns to compartmentalize. sometimes she's only gone for days, sometimes for months at a time.

it's january of 2015, when everything changes. a simple job in munich goes horribly wrong and she wakes up a week later to the hum of florescent lighting and the beeping of a heart monitor. she doesn't recall the events immediately and only knows that she's lucky to have made it out alive. nearly eight months go by, filled with bed rest, recuperation and aggressive physical therapy. it's another month before she's finally cleared for field work again, despite the director's reservations on the matter and in october of 2015 she's told she's being stationed in boston for a long term observe and report assignment. it's home, she has ties there that her doctors hope will make it more comfortable for her to adjust.

the following months changed her in ways that she never imagined. moving back to boston made her realize all the things that she had in her life, all the things she could have, that she had denied herself for so long. in late may of 2016, she turns in her resignation, citing that she is no longer emotionally able to perform her duties as an agent and is medically discharged from duty.

she is presently trying to figure out where the hell she fits into the civilian world.

⤑ given name taryn aloyna tvardovsky ⤑ legal name taryn aloyna tvardovsky melnyk ⤑ comicverse tesla tarasova / electric ghost ⤑ known aliases tara tvardovsky, taryn melnyk, tara melnyk ⤑ date of birth + age 24th march 1980 + 36 ⤑ birthplace podolsk, moscow oblast, russia ⤑ current residence boston, massachusetts ⤑ occupation ECS faculty at MIT + ⤑ relationship status none of your goddamn business ⤑ nationality russian, naturalized u.s. citizen ⤑ pets fat bastard & baz purrman
there isn't a whole lot known about tesla tarasova, but what is, isn't pretty. in fact, her story starts before she is even born. the daughter of a black widow, and linus tarasova, one of the kgb's most brilliant and prolific scientists, she was bred and subsequently ripped from her dying mother's womb, with the explicit purpose of one day becoming one of the kgb's most formidable weapons.

it is safe to assume that in the wake of his daughter's birth, linus wanted out. he took the infant girl away to a far off, isolated area of the russian wilderness. he raised his daughter himself, presumably imbuing the girl with a strong sense of self and of freedom and hope, all while continuing his studies on the cosmic ray. he found himself on shield's radar and under the protection of them.

and things were good for a while. at least, until right around age six, when linus, as well as his shield handler, were shot and killed in cold blood in front of young tesla, by none other than the winter soldier. (and what was more, at the time of their murder, tesla was drawing a picture of captain america and bucky. talk about ow.) the winter soldier takes young tesla into his custody before remanding her to the kgb. she is locked away in a room of her own, with nothing to remind her of her father, save for a book detailing his research, and forced to listen to george michael's "wake me up before you go" from morning until night, all while staring at the word life scrawled across a chalkboard.

more about murder and meyhem and time travel here shortly.

Point of Canon
Tesla is pulled from Marvel Earth-616, right from the moment that she was last seen, plunging into the ocean with Bucky Barnes.
unlocked incentives •• technopathy
•• nano-paths
     • telepathy/mind control
     • cellular regeneration/deconstruction
•• energy construct creation
•• intangability shroud

locked incentives (abilities) •• telekinesis
•• genius level intellect
•• master combatant
•• master assassin
•• espionage
•• weapons expert

locked incentives (items) •• tarasova tesseract
     • time travel
     • teleportation
     • reality warping
•• the lion and the shepherd
     • book on the cosmic ray, written by linus tarasova

locked incentives (memories) •• the electric ghost
•• the winter soldier
•• the kgb
•• the orphanage
•• understanding of the cosmic ray

comic parallels
•• initals are t.t., "tara" is a nod to tesla's last name, "tarasova."
•• tara, like tesla, was a prodigal child, despite her circumstances. she was bright, driven and willing to do what it took to be the very best in her given field.
•• tesla was trained to be a solider from the time she was a child and is now known as the electric ghost, a cyber terrorist and among her powers, she shows technopahtic abilites. tara, alternatively, was a special agent with the fbi and is a skilled combatant, where she specialized in cyber security and threat analysis. (she has since begun working covertly with the cia but maintains her position within the fbi as a cover.)
•• tara and tesla share genius level intellects and are very scientifically minded.
•• both are russian... obviously and lost their parents at a young age, thus spent a great deal of time in orphanages.
•• fathers share the same name.
•• tara absolutely, positively cannot fucking stand george michael.
•• never had the luxury of knowing her biological mother, but can remember her father telling her stories about her as a child before his untimely death. she still has a few tattered photos of both of her parents that she keeps in a chest at the foot of her bed.
•• a wunderkind, tara graduated from high school at 16, finished her undergrad at 19 and her masters at 21.
•• has a long history of hacking and digital forgery, save for one slip up at 13 that landed her on a federal watchlist, her tracks are untracable.
•• was recruited to the fbi as an analyst right out of MIT in 2001. in late 2002, she decided to undergo field training and has been working as a field agent since early 2003. she began working with the central intellignce agency, maintaining her position within the fbi as a cover, in 2004.
•• multi-lingual. speaks russian, czech, german, french, spanish, mandarine, arabic and farsi, and is conversationally passable and/or can read in several other languages.
•• can actually cook very well, but has maintained a pretty steady diet of crappy takeout over the years.
•• can come across as cold and aloof at times, especially toward people she doesn't know, but is in fact a very caring person when it comes to the people she is close to and will go to great lengths to keep them safe. her personality can be somewhat abrasive to those that don't know her, but once she let hr guard down, she tends to lean toward laughter and humor rather than spite and venom.
•• stereotypical though it may be, tara is an avid proveyer of all things nerd; as a child, she learned to love fantasy and science fiction as a reprieve from the real world and her less-than-awesome circumstances, and it has followed her into adulthood. she enjoys everything from video and table top gaming to bad horror movies and has a history of cosplaying when she has the chance.
•• while she took up her profession for a reason, she hates the person that she has become as a result of it and as such, deals with a great deal of personal shame due some of to the things she has done in the past. she doesn't talk about it, she doesn't want to.
•• as of may 30, 2016, tara has resigned and been subsequently discharged from active duty with the cia.
•• currently working part time as a mechanic at a local garage, as well as doing freelance tech and cyber security work. she is supplimenting her income wih funds she makes from her etsy shop.
education c/o 1996, snowden international school
   high school diploma; honors.
c/o 1999, boston university
   ba, computer science; summa cum laude.
c/o 2001, massachusetts institute of technology
   SM/ECS electrical engineering & computer sciences; summa cum laude.
misc 2003, fbi academy @ quantico
   fbi field agent training; honors.

birth mother: kseniya tvardovsky
died in childbirth, 24th march 1980.
birth father: linus tvardovsky
killed by drunk driver 24th April, 1985.
adoptive mother: alex melnyk
pediatric physician, 57.
adoptive father: sasha melnyk
computer programmer, 59.